I’ve always been evasive when I write about love, if not metaphorical.  It’s probably because it’s both my greatest strength and weakness.  Somebody asked me one day what my strongest motivation in life was.  And I came to the conclusion that it was love.  It sounded so cliché at that time and I kept it to myself – because to me, people wouldn’t understand the depth of what I mean when I say that.  That it didn’t mean I was in love with life.  That it meant during my lowest points, it was love that saved me.  Even when it was love that threatened to destroy me in the first place.  That I consciously take care of my friends out of love, even when sometimes it’s easier and fairer to let go of them.  That I am capable of inflicting much more pain on people who have inflicted pain on me, but I stop myself out of love.  That my head and heart can sometimes be full of darkness, but I never let it out because I’m scared people will not be able to love me if they see that side of me.  That I try my best to appear like the love I have in my life is enough, but the truth is I crave for a love that I might never find because I’m a complicated wreck brimming with an excess of intense feelings and emotions.

I’ve rarely prayed or wished for love, because I always assumed the universe already knew that was what I wanted the most.  It felt so self-serving to have to repeat it in some form.  I’ve gone through so many painful lessons in love now but even during the most heartbreaking ones, I’m always amazed that even after promising to completely shut love out of my life, it always somehow finds a way to come back.  It comes back to remind me that it’s what gives my life meaning, whether that love soothes me or hurts me.


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  1. I think it is probably safe to say the only way to ever write about love is in the realm of metaphorical. We know it exists because of the effect it has on us; both in its glorious presence and its deep dark apparent absence. I have found it extremely hard to have the discussion without feeling the need to venture into the theistic…

    Knowing what we already know about Love, it is quite the claim for God to declare that He IS Love (according to certain documents held sacred by many.) There is much to suggest that the two are inseparable concepts: chiefly in that, words cannot adequately describe…

    When I saw the notification on my phone this morning that you had posted an article simply titled “love” I was so excited that I could hardly wait to get to the office and check it out.

    Lately I have been struck with the notion that all that ever was, is or will be, within our universe of existence cannot even begin to approach the truly infinite extent to which that which contains our reality – bound by time – has to offer. To limit love to the Earthly plane would be to deny its greatness. True love knows instinctively that it is not hyperbole to talk about “forever.”

    We often lose sight of the truth that Love is not something you do it is the place where you exist. Fish have the sea, birds have the air, beasts have the fields but humanity has love… when you walk in love you will find others who do likewise. It is not necessary to look for love, you must however, BE in love to find what many will term their soulmate.

    I had hoped to comment in a way that did not appear to patronize but Love is a very serious matter and very often treated with disregard for its true power to change lives and bring comfort. The fact that you recognize that love is also responsible for woe bodes well for you, by my estimation; too many individuals give up on love in the throes of discomfort – to give up on love is to give up on forever, and that is something far too important to ever lose sight of.

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  2. Hello Michael! Actually I think your comment deserves much more recognition as a better discussion on love, truly! haha. After reading your comment, I feel what I wrote is so shallow relative to how you described love. But I now realized that you’re right…that it is impossible to write about love literally. I mean unless you talk about a detailed account of love directed to someone and everything it entailed – though even then it will still be metaphorical at some level for sure. And I love what you said about not limiting love to the earthly plane, as well as recognizing forever is not a hyperbole when it comes to true love. Thank you for the reminder that love is place where you exist, I think I’ll adapt that definition to my present definition! I’ve always seen love as a decision. But seeing it as place I feel is a better reminder to myself, thank you for that! You’re right, a lot of people in this world are jaded. I’m guilty of considering myself as such at times, although like I said I always eat those words because it’s just not possible to live the life I want without letting love rule it. I must say I am probably the one enjoying more your regular comments rather than the other way around! haha. I think I’ll need to refine this post over time, love has always been something I’ve wanted to write about but couldn’t – because I find it hard to write on such a fundamental value. I just got the courage to do it yesterday, but my thoughts are still not clearly formed. I feel writing about something that escapes me helps me give it form. Thank you for your welcomed insights as always!

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    1. Christine, I did not intend to imply that I found your article – in any measure – shallow. It is just that love is one of those things we instinctively seek out, yet lack any quantifiable evidence that this “love” is something that truly exists.

      Although I have been in a loving relationship with my wife for several decades I have found myself lately to be most interested in how “love” integrates with the experience we call life. By thinking of love in terms of the medium wherein we all have our existence, the individual human being can be thought as often measuring their self-worth by their ability to move about this “substance” (metaphorically speaking.)

      It is in this light that I hoped to imply that I find you to be a “strong swimmer” (as it were) and doubtless those around you learn much in the ways of navigating life by your very fine example.

      Just as you find a challenge writing about love, I too enjoy a challenge and thank you for the opportunity to give it a go 😉

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