first book

After a year of looking for a publisher in vain, I finally just decided to go through the self-publishing route of uploading a pdf on Amazon. No complaints though, it was a perfect way to realize one of my small dreams to write/publish a book. It may be my last book, but one still counts. I’m uploading the pdf version here as well for anyone interested. But if you’d like to support my paperback version, that would be awesome and so here’s the Amazon link. They print pretty to be fair. It’s also available in an electronic version (readable in any phone/tablet), yay for Amazon and boo for the delivery rates to Asia.

front cover

And finally but not at all the least, thank you Vergelle for being the prime motivation for me to actually decide on doing this project. Because when I wrote most of these entries in my blog back then, I never did really think anyone else would appreciate it. Thank you for being such a positive energy and reinforcement to your friends, luckily including me. You have no idea how much that makes a difference in other people’s lives – you should know, if you don’t. Consider this book one of the products of you being you. 🙂


3 thoughts on “first book

  1. How exciting! Thank you for making available the PDF version, but I have decided to purchase the paperback so that I can share it with others who are not big on reading digitally. I was very happy to discover: 1.) The delivery is free at the moment and 2.) with the purchase of the paperback I was offered the Kindle version free of charge (so that I might begin reading immediately.)
    Best wishes for the success of your book. (now I’m back to it…)

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    1. Aww thank you so much Michael for the support. 😀 Really appreciate it. Made it available here as I don’t really plan on earning anything from it – 6 USD was the lowest price I could go haha. You’ve probably read a lot of the chapters there, they’re part of my old blog 🙂 Do let me know what you think after, that would be the best gift 🙂

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