You once asked me, “don’t you think there’s a reason why we met?”

I’ve long deleted our conversations, but words can have a way of staying. Some stubbornly stain your consciousness indefinitely, even when they no longer carry any meaning or feeling. Until one day they take the form of your current reality. And then, they go away.

I used to believe in “things happen for a reason”. But no reason can ever justify the magnitude of atrocities in this world. So I no longer did when you said that. I’ve since told myself that we make things happen. For the things we didn’t want to happen, we make them our reasons. And so, to finally answer your question, “maybe not, but you might be the reason for everything else”.

After all, not all stains leave a bad mark.

4 thoughts on “words

  1. I have been somewhat distracted lately and have only made it halfway through your piece on Iran. I returned this afternoon to finish that tasty treat but was pleasantly derailed by your “words” here.

    I started reading “The Long Way To And Through Iran” on my cell phone one morning in bed but decided I needed to give you the respect you deserve and read it at my desk.

    This post was certainly impactful for me, yes; but I assure you my comment regarding “words” was me taking the path of least resistance in an effort to squeeze in a greeting to you dear one.

    I will be sure to comment on your epic in the not too distant future. 😀

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    1. No pressure of course, was just half joking you. It was the longest I’ve written yet and I think I had sacrificed some of my usual thought-filled meanderings in favor of the content that I wanted to include in the already long word count. I hope you still enjoy it somehow though 🙂

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