If I learned to love
My patches of hardened skin
The slight kink of hair that I took trouble smoothing
An imperfect smile in certain angles
Flesh and folds in the wrong places
Half-baked thoughts that bore no wisdom
Words I have regretted saying
Parts of my heart that I have shamelessly given

If I learned to love all of those,
Perhaps then only can I be whole.

2 thoughts on “If

  1. Hi Christine – what’s not to love? 😀
    All of God’s creatures fall short of perfection; none are justified (complete) in themselves.
    We all have flaws that cloud our own self image… The best we can do is to love others in spite of their flaws. The only path to completeness is to be found in the spiritual self and in that there is no possibility of unrighteousness.

    Of course your post caused me to look up the 80’s classic “IF” by Bread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-22LPgdXhw

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    1. I checked the song and was pleasantly surprised! I love that song! It’s very iconic I guess I’ve heard it many times as a child. But i am never good with titles, I didn’t know that was the title of that song. I would have thought it was the entire first line. Haha.

      You are completely right. 🙂 I suppose I need reminding of it as I tend to forget it sometimes. Nobody can be perfect indeed and it is a mistake to think we should have been or could be. I guess sometimes we are our harshest critics, and it takes time to learn to fully accept ourselves.

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